Can You Shower With Sterling Silver Jewelry? A Complete Guide 

No wonder permanent bracelets have gained such popularity in the last decade – we fall in love with our jewelry so much that we don’t want to take it off. However, when wearing your favorite necklaces, bracelets, and rings twenty-four seven, the question arises – Can you get them wet? What jewelry can you wear in the shower? 

Different metals require different care. For those of you with a passion for sterling silver, we wanted to shed light on the preventative measures you should take to maximize the lifespan and condition of your precious jewelry.

Is Sterling Silver Waterproof?

Whether it’s a shower, a dip in the pool, or an ocean swim, many jewelry wearers wonder, “can you wear sterling silver in water?” To be frank, yes, you can. But is sterling silver waterproof? Since sterling silver is almost pure silver with an added alloy of other metals, it won’t have a strong immediate reaction to water. However, other factors, such as exposure to chlorine, salt water, and chemical products, as well as how often silver gets into water, should be considered. So try limiting your pool time while wearing those silver pieces, or just remember to take them off before diving in!

Can You Shower With Sterling Silver? 

Sterling silver is prone to tarnish. Water oxidizes silver and darkens it. So it’s not a matter of ‘can you shower with sterling silver,’ but how long do you want to preserve that shiny, glossy silver look to your pieces? 

Can you wear sterling silver in water without immediate damage? It won’t happen in a split second. But if you don’t want your treasured and personal pieces to fall victim to daily showers, it’s better to take them off. Forgetting to remove it from time to time won’t do much damage to the piece. Just don’t make a routine out of it. 

What Jewelry Can You Wear in The Shower?

Other metals and materials, such as gold, stainless steel, platinum, silicone, and plastic, are safe to wear in the shower, the ocean, and the pool. 

Can You Get Sterling Silver Wet?

Yes, just keep it to a minimum. With proper care, sterling silver can last for years. From time to time, give your pieces a good clean using lemon juice or white vinegar and a baking soda combo. Keep them away from harsh chemicals, dry and wipe your pieces after a shower, and remember to store your jewelry away from the sunlight. 

Can You Wear Sterling Silver Every Day?

Yes. If you have sterling silver jewelry in your collection, it’s actually beneficial to wear it daily or as often as possible as it helps to prevent tarnishing. The body oils on your skin serve as ‘cleansers’ for sterling silver and add a layer of protection.  

The downsides of wearing sterling silver daily are the exposure to chemicals, water, and humidity, as well as prolonged exposure to air, all leading to tarnish. Higher in durability than in comparison to pure silver, sterling silver is more prone to scratching than other metals like steel or gold, so it can be easily damaged when worn on different occasions without a break.