Guys Wearing Bracelets: 5 Reasons Men Should Wear Bracelets

It’s about time we’ve stopped asking “should men wear bracelets” and started answering “how can guys wear bracelets?”. Beyond a doubt, your favorite artists, actors, and CEOs have been spotted wearing a band or two. Since bracelets have earned a secure spot in the men’s accessories world, we’ve highlighted five reasons why men should step up their jewelry game. 

Stylish Accessorizing 

There is something about men who wear bracelets. It simply looks cool and says a lot about their sense of style, relationship with fashion, and last but not least, level of attention to fine details. Similar to quirky socks, stylish jewelry can transform even the most simple outfit into a chic look. 

Personality Expression

Jewelry has a long-standing history of self-expression. From stone rings to chains and watches, jewelry helps to highlight personality. It’s very often that you find that men who wear bracelets do so to communicate with the world or make a statement about themselves. An easy and stylish way to do so is with custom bracelets, these can be personalized with the wearer’s initials, signs, or numbers. Not only is a custom jewelry piece unique, but it’s also a very thoughtful touch and can make for a great gift for guys who wear bracelets

Jewelry with Meaning

For many centuries jewelry has represented more than just beauty and fashion. In many cultures, jewelry pieces, gemstones, and metals, including in the shape of a bracelet, have been testaments of faith, hope, power, love, and protection.

Do men wear bracelets to represent their culture or beliefs? Absolutely. Take the Sikh men in India who wear a ‘kara’ bracelet to showcase their allegiance to their faith. 

Express your Hobbies

Just as jewelry is a great way to communicate your personal style, a bracelet can signal belonging to a specific group or enjoying certain pastimes. For instance, athletes are spotted with rubber bands and sports watches; men who wear bracelets made from stone beads have a strong association with creative or spiritual backgrounds. Similarly to an expensive wristwatch, a bracelet can signal the wearer’s affinity to fashion, luxury or creativity. 

Sentimental Value

It’s very often that guys who wear bracelets do so with a special meaning behind them. Jewelry pieces like bracelets can be important mementos and possess higher sentimental value than a picture in your camera roll. Plus, bracelets are somewhat “non-invasive.” You can wear a memory band like The Tag twenty-four seven, yet it will never interfere with your day-to-day looks, and it can be paired with pretty much any outfit or wristwatch. 

How to Wear Bracelets For Guys: Quick Tips

There are quite a handful of questions guys with bracelets ask themselves (or Google) when deciding how to wear them. Turns out, the rules are pretty simple and don’t require hours of research. Here are some basic tips for men wearing bracelets

Combining with a watch

Rule number one: wrist stacks are cool. How many, how heavy, and how bright depends on the occasion and your personal touch. If you want to keep things casual, don’t go over three bands. There is one fundamental rule to remember – the watch should always be the pièce de résistance.

Choosing the wrist

Can men wear bracelets on both wrists? Absolutely. But what you will discover very quickly is that wearing bracelets on your dominant wrist simply feels more natural. 

Make sure it matches

The only way you lose the bracelet game is by wearing it in the wrong place, at the wrong time–with the wrong clothes. Formal occasions call for more formal materials such as sterling silver, platinum, or gold and a refined-looking style. 

Leave leather or beaded stone bands for casual moments. If you’re the ‘permanent bracelet’ type of guy, The Tag in black, grey, or white is the perfect option for both dressy and casual occasions alike. 

Smart Pairing

If there is one thing guys with bracelets need to know, it is combining. Don’t discard the idea of mixing and matching different materials or metals (yes, gold and silver look good together). 

Focus on color-matching. Gold looks better with deep emerald green and brown, while navy, black, and grey pair well with silver. Remember that a well-styled stack is an ultimate storyteller of your personality and a great example of self-expression and taste.