10 Sentimental Gifts For Your Girlfriend That Will Melt Her Heart

Birthday, anniversary, Valentine’s Day… getting that perfect gift for your significant other is a true head-scratcher. The first intention is always to follow an easy route and gift something functional and practical; alas, it takes all the romance away. Sentimental gifts simply hit differently. In the end, no butterflies in the stomach will suddenly appear when presented with a set of bed linen or a brand new toaster.

Very often and very fast, a search for a sentimental gift for your girlfriend gets cheesy. A quick scroll on Google will take you down the pink, heart-shaped, candy-flavored rabbit hole, far away from real heart-warming gifts. To make things easier, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of the best sentimental gift ideas: from personalized just-for-you items to love-celebrating gifts for your S.O.

Personalized Jewelry 

Nothing screams ‘I am thinking about you’ louder than a personal touch, so if your intention is to give a unique personalized sentimental gift, look no further. Create a one-of-a-kind bracelet with our Codebreaker builder; you can include her initials, name, or a special word that means the world to her. This bracelet is equally beautiful whether she’s a gold or silver kind of gal as it’s timeless, elegant, and pairs well with other jewelry. 

Lyrics Wall Print

Every relationship has a soundtrack, so how about turning a chorus or a favorite line into a pristine wall print? One of the cutest sentimental gifts for your girlfriend, it will live in her heart rent-free.

Hug Pillow

By no means we’re saying that a hugging pillow replaces the big-little spoon moments, yet it’s a substitute for the nights away from each other. Take our word for it: a huggable pillow really shows how much you care.

Love Story Journal

Documenting a personal love story is far more romantic than reading one in a novel. A love journal is perfect for reflecting on the past, making records of the present, and planning for the future. At last, aren’t memories the best sentimental gifts of all?

Matching Forever Bracelet

Forget the old school rings – today, the love is locked down with permanent bracelets. The Tag forever band is a testament to a strong bond and long-lasting love. Available in various colors to coordinate, it is ethically made and comes with a sterling silver clasp.   

Photo Album

Oldie but a goodie to highlight the special moments with your soulmate. If you’re after really touchy and cute sentimental gifts for your girlfriend, take a scroll through the camera roll and pick a few dozens of pictures that capture your love. Make sure to leave some empty slots in the album for future memories too.

Massage Candles

Self-care meets skin-care meets love in one jar. Massage candles melt into oils to be used during massage sessions, together or solo.

Card Games for Couples

Couples that do things together stay together. Fun and quirky, intimate and bonding, card games for couples are the best way to show your S.O. that you are keen to deepen the connection.

House Plants

Yes, you heard us loud and clear. This might not be an obvious choice when thinking of sentimental gift ideas for a girlfriend, yet it’s the next step in your journey since, like any relationship, a houseplant requires love, care, and attention.