As the women who have stood beside you through thick and thin, bridesmaids hold a very special place in your heart and role in your wedding. Some of them may be traveling from far away, some may be helping put together the decor for your big day, and all will be standing by your side during your celebration. 

Saying thank you to these important women can be as simple as a few small gifts when they arrive. These treasures are typically more than just something you picked out at the store – they often are personalized and related to the wedding festivities. In this way, your bridesmaids will always remember where their gifts came from and how much they mean to you.

Choosing unique bridesmaid gifts can be challenging, which is why we’ve curated this list of beautiful bridesmaid gift ideas. Show the women in your life some love with personalized gifts for bridesmaids that they can wear on your big day and beyond. 

1. Charm Bracelets
Thoughtful, unique, and timeless, a personalized charm bracelet is one of the best bridesmaids gift ideas. By spelling out each bridesmaid’s name on a Codebreaker charm bracelet, you’re giving a high-quality and original present that they will cherish forever. Or, you can get creative by spelling a word or phrase that is meaningful to all of you. Not only can they wear their sterling silver charm bracelet at the wedding ceremony, but they’ll think of you every time they wear it in the future. It’s an adult friendship bracelet that will never go out of style.

2. Pajamas
If you’re at the same hotel as your bridesmaids, pajamas are a sweet gift that they can wear the night before and the morning of the wedding. There’s nothing more chic for pictures than a silky set of PJ’s in classic navy or powder pink with each bridesmaid’s name monogrammed above the pocket. Of course, the bride’s set will be white so that you can stand out on your big day. 

3. Silky Robes
To go with the pajamas, personalized silky robes are another great choice of bridesmaids gifts because everyone can wear them while you are all getting ready the morning of the wedding. They make for great pictures and are something that your bridesmaids can wear afterwards at home. Plus, they can be monogrammed or personalized with their names on the back. 

4. Makeup Bags
Your bridesmaids will need a place to keep all of their wedding day necessities, from makeup to mini haircare products, bandaids, safety pins and nail scissors. Trust us, you can never be too prepared for all the surprises that happen at a wedding. A monogrammed makeup bag is not only a beautiful gift from the bride to her bridesmaids, but also a thoughtful one. Adding monogrammed initials looks beautiful and would add a personalized touch that your bridesmaids will appreciate.

5. Champagne Glasses
Undoubtedly, you’ll be doing a lot of toasts over the weekend. Why not make them even more fun by giving your bridesmaids their own personalized champagne glasses? These can be used during the rehearsal dinner or on the wedding night. Plus, by personalizing them with each bridesmaid's name, they can keep track of their glass throughout the evening.

6. Turkish Towels
If your wedding is at the beach or in a tropical setting, a personalized Turkish towel is the perfect bridesmaid gift. Not only are they soft and more stylish than a regular terrycloth towel, but you can add a monogram so that everyone knows which towel is theirs. As an added bonus, you can coordinate the towel colors to your wedding colors to carry on with your coastal theme.

7. Trinket Dish
If you’re gifting any type of jewelry to your bridesmaids, a custom trinket dish is a thoughtful gift to hold their treasures. You can have their name spelled on the dish in gold or rose gold and they’ll be able to display it in their home after the wedding as a unique memento from the weekend.

8. Wedding Hanger
If you’re planning on taking photos of your bridesmaids’ dresses before the big day, then a personalized wedding hanger is a great gift idea. Not only will it help your bridesmaids keep their dresses wrinkle-free, but it'll also be a sweet reminder of your wedding every time they see it hanging in their closet at home.

9. Coffee Mug
Jump start your wedding day with a hot cup of coffee from a mug with your name on it. This practical bridesmaid gift is a crowd-pleaser that will get lots of use after the wedding weekend. With a marble finish and gold foil rim along with their name monogrammed on the front, these coffee mugs are sure to make your bridesmaids smile.

10. Foldable Flats
As a bride, you want your friends to feel their best on your big day. While heels are great for the ceremony, flats are much more practical for dancing afterwards. Let them know that it’s ok to choose comfort with a pair of foldable flats that they can keep in their purse. Topping off our the list of unique personalized bridesmaid gifts, these flats come in a cute little bag that can be customized with your bridesmaids’ names on it.

When it comes to showing your wedding crew some love, think outside the box and go for something fun that celebrates each member of your bridal party. From custom robes to meaningful jewelry, there are plenty of personalized bridesmaid gifts that will make your closest friends feel special on your big day. 

Don’t forget the little details, like a handwritten note tucked into their gift bag. All these small gestures go a long way in making your bridesmaids feel loved and appreciated as they stand by your side. 

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Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Maecenas laoreet, dui ut dapibus lobortis, orci magna facilisis diam.

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