We approach one object at a time. Reduction and restraint etches our pillars. Minimal is maximized. Quality and necessity guide our hands and minds. We create with this rationality as our ethos.


Our manufacturers are all Responsible Jewellery Council, RJC members. They pride themselves of being able to control their production and all materials are sourced, traced, and processed through their supply chain. All our silver is 100% recycled we call it green metal. We are also very conscious to use as little plastic as possible in our production and shipping. The tags are made with a minimum of 80% reground nylon. We off set the remainder by donating to the plastic bank to stop ocean plastic and build ethical recycling systems that transform lives and the environment around the world. Plastic Bank


We created an unexpected and innovative packaging system in collaboration with BARON AND BARON. With sustainability in mind and re-thinking conventional jewelry packaging, we use molded paper technology to achieve a mono-material paper packaging. Packaging designed by Jose Ernesto Ferrufino.

It’s not pulp fiction! All our packaging is 100% green, made of renewable bamboo pulp. Due to our avoidance of both dyes and bleach, the shades of white we produce may vary.

Made from premium quality molded fiber, utilizing bamboo and bagasse (sugarcane waste) in combination with industry-leading and zero net carbon manufacturing. This environmentally safe plant fiber and recycled paper means that our whites vary because we use no dye. Different shades of white are what makes our packaging more chic. We use environmentally safe plant fibers that are highly pliable. The two differing fiber lengths of bamboo and bagasse provide more flexibility than other competing materials with quality tensile strength. The long length of the bamboo fiber is why bamboo plants have a stronger tensile strength than steel, making them the perfect material to use as protective packaging.