The Tag

Francesca first designed the tag bracelets in the late 90s while heading to Paris to show her latest collection to international buyers. Late at night on the last day of creating the collection, this little bracelet spoke to her. She was drawn to the utilitarian and minimalist design, and the concept of it not just being an accessory, but a simple idea. It is effortless, unpretentious, and always inspires curiosity. What is that and where can I get one? Unique and understated, it is the opposite of what jewellery has portrayed for centuries. Francesca presented it, all alone pinned to a white wall, and buyers were drawn to it’s simple yet powerful beauty. First it was the Japanese who loved the minimalist design, then the rest followed. It is effortlessly chic and can be worn with absolutely anything. It can represent anything you want it to. You will forever remember the time and place you were tagged. Francesca decided to bring it back because she wanted to wear hers again, and to reintroduce that lightness and unpretentious attitude on people's wrists that says, “This is me. I’m different and this tag is for everyone that has an attitude to be different!” Francesca has ridden the zeitgeist, been inspired by a wide range of people and places, worked with metals, materials, and stones - recognizing that ultimately, harmony manifests in simplicity. It’s a time capsule that absorbs your energy. You wear it - you share it. That’s what liberates the power of the jewellery.