How To Make A Charm Bracelet Personalized For You

There’s an inherent magic in wearing a charm bracelet. Not only is it a beautiful piece of statement jewelry that has been beloved for centuries, but it contains a deeper message. We believe that what makes jewelry precious isn’t the materials or stones used, though they of course matter as well, but the meaning behind the pieces. Your charm bracelet can be used to display your name, remind you of the ones you love, or encourage you to follow your passions and wear your power!

Get to Know Our Codebreaker Charm Bracelets

Crafted of high-quality 925 Sterling Silver, our unisex Codebreaker bracelets aren’t your ordinary charm bracelets. Instead of having charms that dangle, our Brix lock into place on the slender band. The sleek silver grid looks stylish and minimal on its own, but you can also fill it up with Brix. Make your own charm bracelets with endless letter, number, and symbol combinations. Your creative one-of-a-kind bracelet will boldly speak to the world every time you wear it.

Using the Codebreaker Builder

If you’re wondering how to put charms on your bracelet, there’s a double click mechanism that keeps your Brix safe and in place. Follow the instructions on our Builder to add and remove Brix one at a time.

Start by choosing the Brix and the spot on your bracelet you want to put it in. Then, angle the taller end into the grid and click the shorter latch to secure. To remove a Brix, place a stylus into the keyhole on the back of the charm and slide towards the center to unlock and release. Now that you know how to make charm bracelets, it’s time for the fun part – choosing your Brix!

Making Your Own Charm Bracelet

When designing your own bracelet, start by thinking about the message you want to convey. You can have your bracelet spell your name, the name of your children, or family members – maybe even a short word or phrase that inspires you. Choose something meaningful to you, or a message that shares a feeling you’d like others to get when they see your bracelet. Here are some popular options of what to spell on your Codebreaker:

· Your name
· The names of family members
· Inspirational words like Kindness, Magic, Strength, Love, Peace, Power, Believe
· Your zodiac sign
· How you identify yourself, for example, Mama, Queen, Mrs. T
· International greetings like Ciao, Bonjour, Hola, Namaste

Keep in mind that if you want to spell out a phrase as you make your own charm bracelets, you can stack three or more bracelets to complete the thought. For example, one Codebreaker can have ‘I,’ the next can have ‘Love’ and the final can have ‘You.’

Switching Out Your Charms

Another design feature we love about charm bracelets is that you can change them whenever you like. With Codebreaker, simply unlock and pop out your Brix and replace them with others. You can rearrange the letters and symbols as often as you please, giving you complete flexibility to explore all the possible combinations and add in new ones.

Now that you know how to make a charm bracelet that feels unique to you, you can personalize your style on a day-to-day basis. When you make your own charm bracelets, you share your creativity with the world. Every time you look down at your wrist, you’ll be reminded of the people and ideas you cherish most in life.