How Recycled Jewelry Is the Future of Jewelry Design

There’s a crack in the jewelry industry’s value system. While silver and gold shimmer, they do so at a far greater cost than their price tag. Often the production of jewelry takes a toll on the environment and yet, many companies continue to deplete our resources, destroying the land in the process. The fashion industry is finally starting to wake up and take responsibility for the huge amount of waste they create, and now it’s our turn.

Rather than producing virgin materials, we believe strongly in creating jewelry from recycled materials, including ones not typically associated with jewelry. Many materials, like the reground nylon used in our Tag bracelets can be recycled without affecting their integrity, so there’s really no question for us that it’s the right thing to do. While our approach to jewelry design is playful, we’re serious about maintaining quality and creating pieces that we can stand behind and enjoy wearing.

The Trouble with Traditional Jewelry

The jewelry industry generates more than 180 million tons of toxic waste each year. To put it into perspective, a 0.333-ounce gold ring generates 20 tons of waste alone. Not only does this produce an enormous carbon footprint, but the consequences are dire for habitats, putting already endangered species at even higher risk as their homes are destroyed by deforestation and the leaking of harmful chemicals into waterways. From the processing of plastic to the mining of metal and packaging waste, there are so many areas of jewelry production that can and should be made more sustainable.

Jewelry Made from Recycled Materials

With awareness around how the industry is impacting the environment growing stronger, some jewelry designers are turning to recycled materials as a way to turn discarded plastic, deadstock fabric, wood, and recycled metal into something beautiful. Instead of ending up in landfills, these materials are repurposed, and fewer new materials are being produced. Not only are recycled and ethically sourced jewelry pieces better for our planet, they’re a beautiful way to spark a conversation about the issues we’re facing and how we can inspire change. While it may seem like a small decision to wear recycled jewelry, collectively we can make a difference with our purchase power.

Towards a Sustainable Future

From conceptualizing the design to the production of our ethically made jewelry, we take great care to create meaningful pieces that don’t contribute to environmental waste or damage. Our Tag bracelet is a blend of “high” and “low” materials, mixing silver with recycled plastic to encourage wearers to rethink their views about materials and the meaning of permanence. Not only are Tag permanent bracelets created with reground nylon, but we also donate to the Plastic Bank to help eliminate plastic and promote recycling programs worldwide. We also use premium quality molded bamboo pulp and bagasse (sugarcane waste) to create beautiful, all-natural packaging with no bleaches or dyes.

At the heart of our brand is the desire to celebrate individuality while linking people together, and there’s nothing more important than sharing our responsibility of taking care of our home. We’re working every day to create environmentally friendly jewelry pieces that are impactful in all the right ways.