Bracelet Color Combos: How To Mix & Match Different Color Bracelets

Welcome to our arm party. There are no rules, except one: wear what you want.

Our Tag bracelets come in a variety of color variations, and while we’d love for you to collect them all, if you’re needing to narrow your options down, we’re here to help you choose! There’s no end to the possibilities as you elevate your look with different clasp and color combinations for bracelets. The world is at your fingertips – go ahead and live it to the fullest as you layer on different bracelet color combos that make you happy.

Read on for some ideas on how to wear different color combos for bracelets.

1. Gold & Silver

No matter what color Tag you choose, gold and silver jewelry will always look amazing next to your permanent bracelet. Tag charms are sterling silver, but we’re a fan of mixing metals and materials to create silver or gold color combinations for bracelets that add color and texture to your look, so go for gold whenever you please. You can wear your family heirlooms alongside our Tag permanent bracelets, mixing old and new for a fresh, contemporary styling approach. Style Tip: Layer one hot pink Tag bracelet with our silver Codebreaker bracelets and a gold watch.

2. High Impact

Our bracelets are meant to stand out from the crowd, so why not embrace that by wearing multiple bracelets in the same color? For example, you can layer our gorgeous Tag black color bracelets with other black bracelets for a sleek, monochromatic look. From onyx beads to black leather wrap bracelets, a few pieces styled with your Tag can make a strong impact.

3. Neon Dreams

Bright colors are in, and wearing neon color bracelets is an easy way to make your daily outfits pop. Though they’re not exactly subtle, you can wear your neon Tag bracelet everyday with the right outfits. And since your bracelet has lots of personality, it’s easiest to style with clothing that is relatively neutral in hue. For example, our neon green bracelet looks out-of-this-world with a white dress in the summer, or an all-black look in the winter. Just like wearing bright red lipstick, a neon bracelet can elevate your look and add a bit of fun to your day-to-day life.

4. Go Minimal 

Whether you’re someone whose wardrobe is filled with neutral hues, or your clothing is a riot of colors, keeping your bracelets to neutral tones is always a great option. Instead of adding lots of different bracelet color combinations, stick to an assortment of black and white. They’ll be easy to match to your look no matter what you’re wearing and are 100% chic all the time.

5. Blue Jean Baby

You don’t need a degree in color psychology to appreciate the joy that comes from wearing blue. Our blue Tag bracelets coordinate really well with a number of outfits, including a simple white shirt paired with your favorite blue jeans. You can either keep all your accessories blue or create a bracelet color combination that pops by mixing in some orange pieces, as these are complementary colors.

6. Think Pink

Playful and symbolic of kindness and hope, the color pink is dominating the world of fashion right now, making it one of our most popular Tag bracelets. Not only is pink joyful in appearance, it really stands out no matter what you’re wearing. Style your Tag with pink clothing, or let it steal the show by wearing a tan, white, or black outfit. For a romantic look, you can also wear a red dress with your pink bracelet. Wearing your pink Tag will serve as a little reminder of the love you can find in your daily life.

Tag bracelets are permanent, so you should choose your color bracelet wisely, as you won’t be able to change your mind later once it’s on. The trick is to look at your wardrobe and consider what color you’ll enjoy wearing every day. Then, create maximum impact by styling your bracelet with other colors and metals in your closet. Have fun and let your personal style show!