How To Wear Bracelets With A Watch

Wearing a timepiece alone is no fun. But layering your watch with a bracelet, or bracelets adds personality and personal style. Pairing a timeless wristwatch or even a smartwatch with gold, silver, and stone bands will give your arm party a much-needed styled and elevated look. Now, you might risk overdoing it, so how do you come up with a ‘watch and bracelet’ combo that looks stylish, fits the occasion, and isn’t too over the top?

Keep reading to find out how to wear a bracelet with a watch, so you can reap the benefits of your timepiece and statement-making accessories.

Can you wear multiple watches with bracelets on the same wrist?

Nothing beats a good wrist stack. It looks great and adds an edge to any outfit, including a formal one. When you wear a watch and a bracelet on the same wrist, or multiple bracelets, always keep in mind that the watch is the main character there, so avoid pairing it with bulky bangles of complex texture and design.

If the goal is to stay casual, we suggest you stick to three bracelets max and choose a simple but impactful piece to be the star of the show, a piece like The Tag. For a statement look, you can definitely go over the limit of three with your bracelets and stack up to seven pieces, but in that case, remember to choose one metal in terms of color, whether it’s gold or silver, that’s on you.

One essential thing to remember when pairing a bracelet with a watch is the order. The lighter band, usually a bracelet, must be closer to the hand and sit at the bottom of your wrist so that the watch always comes on top.

A gold watch and a silver bracelet: hard pass?

More like an absolute YES. Gone are the days when matching two metals was considered tacky. Nowadays we know that fashion rules were made to be broken, for the most part, and jewelry admirers combine silver and gold daily, including watches.

Now, despite the apparent fact that a white metal watch will be more in tune with a silver bracelet, don’t discard the idea of adding a piece in silver or steel to style with your gold wristwatch.

Color-wise, here is how to wear a watch and bracelet: Navy, grey, and black bands go better with sliver; brown and green love the gold. You can always pick a bracelet with a touch of color that matches the watch wristband’s hue. Our bestseller, The Tag, comes in multiple shades and can be paired with different watches, from gold and silver to brown and black.

Left, right, or both?

Styling a watch and bracelet doesn’t just come down to picking a color and metal. It also involves deciding whether your arm party will be worn on the left, right, or both wrists. Usually, people have a wrist they’re used to wearing a watch on. In most cases, it’s the non-dominant hand, left for right-handed and vice versa.

When adding bracelets to the watch, prioritize the wrist you wear the timepiece on. Accessorizing the opposite wrist is fine as long as you choose something simple and light, like a single and minimal permanent bracelet.

Bottom line, when deciding how to wear a watch and bracelet together, remember always to put your personal style first, as well as the occasion you are accessorizing for.