Stacking Bracelets: How To Wear Multiple Bracelets

Wearing multiple bracelets is not new to the accessorizing scene. A layered look has never gone out of fashion, which is why right now is the right time to experiment with mixing and matching. When styled correctly, a stack of multiple bracelets can add an edge to any outfit, whether it’s for a casual look or a special occasion.

While it might seem like a no-brainer, wearing multiple bracelets comes with a set of rules, dos, and don’ts. In this blog, we put together a guide on how to layer bracelets like a pro. Keep reading to find all the tips on how to start stacking.

Mixing Gold and Silver

Let’s be clear here – you can mix silver and gold. The rule that forbids the use of both, gold and silver, is old news. True jewelry addicts understand that metals are like paint, and use their wrists like canvases. You can easily combine gold, silver, and rose gold metals together, stacking bracelets on top of each other. When it comes to mixing metal, rules are made to be broken.

What’s important is to define the look and feel you’re going for. Grunge? Silver is your first choice. Boho-chic? Prioritize gold, or more aged pieces, but feel free to add a few silver touches.

If you’re just getting started with stacking and are not sure how to wear multiple bracelets made from different metals, pick just one for the time being and focus on different shapes, styles, and textures of the same metal. Eventually, you will feel confident enough to play around with other metals and colors.

Stacking with your permanent bracelet

Getting a permanent bracelet is a fantastic way to create a starting point if you’re a beginner at multiple bracelet layering. It can be the focal point of your stack if you choose a stand-out hue. And it will be easy to create lots of different styles including a permanent bracelet like the Tag which is minimal and versatile.

Experimenting with colors and textures

Just as with metals, when learning how to layer bracelets, you need to get creative with colors and textures in order to pull off a statement. For example, add color to your classic and timeless Codebreaker with a blue or cold violet gemstone beaded bracelet, or mix a leather band with gold chains and textured bangles. You can also consider color combinations and which hues compliment different metals when wearing multiple bracelets. Remember that not all gold is warm, and silver can be paired with warmer shades too.

Three easy tips for stacking multiple bracelets

Now, stacking bracelets shouldn’t be, and isn’t complicated. It gets much easier once you realize that bracelet layering is a playground for creativity. There are some easy-to-follow rules you might want to consider when working on your next bracelet stack.

Method 1: Pick a number

Decide how many bracelets you’re going to wear. It automatically narrows the choice, making the whole process less complex. You might feel more comfortable starting with 3-4 bracelets at a time before transitioning into wearing heavier stacks.

Method 2: Choose a starting point

When stacking bracelets, select one bracelet as a standout piece: it can be a color-infused permanent bracelet like The Tag or a statement-making bangle with a large stone of an unusual texture. Either way, building around a standout piece allows for carving out the overall look and feel of the stack and creating a strong focal point when wearing multiple bracelets. A wristwatch is also a great central piece.

Method 3: Balance other jewelry

If you’re piling on multiple bracelets, you should consider going easy on other jewelry, particularly rings. Choose simple and minimalist-looking earrings and necklaces that will complement the stack yet won’t land you in an “over-the-top” place. If the plan is to wear a statement-making, bold outfit, you might want to play it cool when stacking bracelets, and go for a classic Codebreaker bracelet accompanied by two to three extra bands.