Jewelry Guide: Buying High-End Jewelry That's Affordable

Shopping for affordable jewelry with a high-end look and feel can be challenging. With so many brands out there, navigating the depth of rings, chains, necklaces, and bracelets can be a mission, especially if you’re looking for high-quality designs at an affordable price point. This jewelry guide will detail all the essential tips and tricks for buying high-end jewelry that won’t cost a fortune and comes with an expensive look.

What’s The Budget?

When wondering ‘how to buy jewelry,’ one of the primary considerations is budget. If you have your mind set on a specific piece, consider putting a small amount into savings each month until you reach your goal. If you would like to treat yourself or someone special in your life without breaking the bank, consider the following tips when buying custom high-end jewelry that won’t break the bank.

Understand Jewelry Terminology

Jewelry terminology will define the cost and fineness of any piece. Many traders play the ignorance game with buyers unfamiliar with what metal, gem, and stone terms actually stand for. All in all, being familiar with these terms and materials will help you identify the durability, style, and price point you want to adhere to.

Gold-plated vs. gold-filled

"It’s not a rule of thumb that fine, high-end jewelry must be made of pure gold. Many upscale brands use gold-plated or gold-filled materials that fall in the high-end category. The main difference is that gold-plated jewelry is made from a cheaper core material such as copper or bronze and has a thin layer of gold on top. Gold-filled pieces contain a higher percentage of actual gold and as a result, cost more.

Sterling silver vs. 925 sterling silver

A much more affordable metal, silver is timeless and trendy, and both beautiful and durable. Pure metal is precious but too malleable to use in jewelry which is why a small alloy is needed–and that’s where the term sterling silver originated. This alloy is made from 92.5 percent silver and 7.5 percent alloy of two or more additional elements.

"Pieces made from 925 sterling silver are considered to be high-end silver jewelry and are much more durable than those made from 99.9% silver due to the natural softness of the pure material. Essentially, sterling silver and 925 silver are one and the same.

Mined vs. lab-grown

Lab-grown gemstones have skyrocketed in popularity in the last couple of years thanks to the factors of price and sustainability. Lab-grown diamonds, for instance, are cheaper than naturally mined ones. They have fewer flaws, and, in many cases, are sustainably produced. These days, many high-end jewelry designers are switching to mined diamond alternatives, in an attempt to be more ethical.

The downside? The value of lab-grown diamonds is not as high. So if you’re planning to sell that piece after some time, it may not be worth as much.

Define Your Style

Buying jewelry for yourself should be quite straightforward; you’ll know what style you’re looking for, but make sure you know what the piece is made of too. When it comes to selecting a piece for someone special in your life, things can get trickier depending on how good you know the person, their personal style, and preferences. In both cases, it can be helpful to ask yourself a few questions that can help with the search:

· Silver or gold?
· What is the budget, and which option fits their personal style best?
· Is this intended to be worn daily or only on special occasions?

Answering those three easy questions will help you narrow the search. You might want to consider a custom high-end jewelry piece, which would personalize the purchase and add more significance.

Consider Permanence

At PAUER, we believe in the power of permanence, timeless and unisex design–all factors that lengthen the lifespan and relevance of high-end jewelry pieces. In an ever-changing world, permanent jewelry serves as something to remind you of your most precious moments – something that’s yours to keep. That’s why we made the Tag, a series of high-end silver jewelry. A special blend of street style and formal design principles, it’s a permanent jewelry bracelet that meets you where you are. With it, we’re elevating everyday concepts to create a statement that’s minimalist, gender-free, fun, and affordable.

Is it Worth The Cost?

Consider materials, composition, gemstones, and design–and if all these factors tick the boxes, make sure the piece falls into your budget too.

The price point may fluctuate depending on the marketplace and brand you’re looking into –whether you’re buying from local artisans, bespoke labels, mid-market or high-end jewelry designers, make sure you’re buying a quality piece that speaks to your personal style, keeping all the recommendations mentioned above in mind.