Ethical Jewelry: What Is Sustainable Jewelry Exactly?

The sustainable jewelry industry is on the rise. As a part of the global fashion industry, the jewelry market is moving towards more ethical, sustainable production and consumption. But what does ethical, sustainable jewelry entail? Let’s dive deeper to understand the importance of a sustainable approach to jewelry and how you can make smarter, more conscious choices when shopping for jewelry.

What is sustainable jewelry?

"Put simply, ethical jewelry aims to make the entire production to consumer process, from A to Z, as environmentally friendly as possible. Ethical, sustainable jewelry labels encourage conscious consumerism, and sustainable practices, and optimize their economic and environmental impact. While sustainability focuses on material, manufacturing, and supply chain transparency, the ethical side is engaged in safe work conditions, fair compensation, and other responsible practices.

Here are the top principles of ethical, sustainable jewelry:

· Wear your bracelet often
· Responsible sourcing
· Supply chain transparency
· Clean production
· Ethical working conditions
· Recycled packaging
· Zero-net manufacturing

Impact of non-sustainable jewelry

Any industry player that doesn’t prioritize sustainability or sustainable jewelry materials leaves a colossal carbon, environmental, and social footprint, one that’s hard to erase. Jewelry is no exception. On the contrary, since jewelry production is so closely tied to natural resources (when it comes to metals and gems), the non-sustainable mining of raw materials contributes greatly to the damage of biodiversity and the contamination of soil and water which is why ethical jewelry is so important in this day and age.

In pursuit of higher margins and lower production costs, unethical brands use cheap, non-eco-friendly materials that are barely recyclable and tend to last little to nothing. What’s more, the non-ethical approach damages local communities and doesn’t follow any positive social and environmental practices when it comes to production and outsourcing. Even now, many children are involved in the mining process, factory workers are not supplied with proper safety gear and other terrible practices.

At PAUER, sustainability is a crucial part of who we are. This is why we have been working with one of the best sustainable jewelry manufacturers, Mattioli, placing particular attention on equality, equity, fair compensation, and safe worker treatment.

Are you ready to make your next sustainable fine jewelry purchase?

We believe that ethical jewelry should not only be fun and beautiful, but it should also be good for the environment. As a consumer, you have the power to make smart, conscious choices that serve the greater good, yet satisfy your needs and tastes.

What should you consider when searching for the best sustainable jewelry

· The origin of metals and gems: the way metals are mined, gemstones are cut, how the actual product is crafted, and are recycled materials being used?
· Packaging: Are those eco-friendly bracelets shipped and packaged in boxes and materials that are recycled or biodegradable?
· Work conditions and fair trade wages: Do workers fit the right age group, and are there safety measures in place?
· Quality and necessity over quantity: How much does the brand produce? Are they sustainable jewelry manufacturers with production that ends in over-supply?

Price-wise, when compared to the fine jewelry market, affordable, sustainable jewelry – such as PAUER’s environmentally friendly bracelets or our innovative unisex Codebreaker bracelet – is priced at a lower price point that still reflects design, quality, and commitment to sustainability.

You have the power to move culture and challenge the status quo. At PAUER we aim to be much more than a sustainable silver jewelry label, our designs are unique, our mechanisms proprietorial. We’re minimal minded. We don’t make much, and we make a few things well. Quality beats quantity every time –remember that the next time you’re on the hunt for a piece of ethical jewelry.