Silver or Gold Jewelry: Choosing A Metal That Suits You

Two precious metals that have been loved by jewelry makers for centuries, silver and gold, are as timeless as ever. Each has its own unique qualities and can be used to create stunning pieces of wearable art that spark conversations, like our Codebreaker bracelets. Either metal can be worn with any outfit and in any season, so deciding on the right one for your bracelet is a highly personal choice.

From your skin tone and overall versatility of the metal, keep in mind the following considerations as you choose between silver or gold jewelry. 

Appearance of Silver vs. Gold Jewelry

The most obvious difference between silver and gold is their color and appearance. While sterling silver has a cooler tone more similar to white, gold is more warm and yellow in hue. Before doing anything else, take a few minutes to consider which one attracts your eye more. Ultimately, your jewelry should be a reflection of your personal preferences, so don’t pay attention to trends when choosing the metal for you. Both are classic, so pick your favorite!

Silver vs. Gold Jewelry: Skin Tone Considerations

If you’re having trouble deciding, consider how they look next to your skin tone. As silver is cooler, it tends to look better on people with a cool skin tone whereas gold is more suited to those with a warmer skin tone. To check which you have, take a look at the veins in your wrist. If they are more blue and your skin more fair, then you have a cool skin tone. Veins that appear more green signify a warmer skin tone. Darker and olive skin tones are well suited to gold jewelry in particular. 

Gold or Silver in Your Wardrobe

Besides silver or gold jewelry skin tone considerations, you might think about which metal you will wear more with the clothing you own. In particular, take a look at your bags, shoes, belts, and clothing details like exposed zippers and metal buttons. What is the predominant metal used? While you can (and should!) mix metals, keeping them cohesive throughout a look is an easy way of styling your outfits. So, if most of your shoes, belts, and bags have silver hardware, then silver jewelry is an obvious choice. 

Affordability of Silver and Gold

Finally, budget is an important factor for many when buying jewelry. As gold is a more valuable precious metal than silver, a pure gold bracelet will be much more expensive than one made of sterling silver. For this reason, many people choose silver, because they can still own a high-quality piece of jewelry without breaking the bank. The sterling silver in our Codebreaker Brix and Charms looks beautiful, stands up well over time and requires minimal care.

Is Silver or Gold Jewelry Better?

Regardless of your skin tone, there is room for both silver and gold in your jewelry box. Don’t think in terms of which is better, gold or silver because both have their benefits and make for gorgeous jewelry. You might favor one metal for everyday wear more than the other, but don’t let that keep you from branching out once in a while. Your jewelry should be a full expression of your personal style and truly, there are no limits.