5 Beautiful Memorial Jewelry Ideas To Remember A Loved One

When searching for the right way to commemorate someone you lost, the best approach is to follow your heart. Memorial jewelry pieces are more than just beautiful; they help you remember those you lost in a unique way. As you consider many types of memorial jewelry, think about what feels most authentic and personal. How would your loved one like to be remembered? 

Remember, when you wear your jewelry in memory of a loved one, you carry them with you wherever you go.

    1. Permanent Bracelet

While many people like the enduring nature of tattoos, you can take a similar approach in honoring your lost loved ones with jewelry, with a permanent piece that can act as memory jewelry. Our Tag bracelets can’t be removed once they are fastened to your wrist, allowing you to keep the memory of your loved one close at all times. You don’t have to worry about taking your bracelet off and on – it will stay where it is as a beautiful tribute.

    2. Locket Necklace

First popularized in the Victorian era as a way of holding a lock of hair from a lost loved one, lockets are still a powerful type of memorial jewelry worn today. Whether you prefer a heart-shaped, oval, or circular locket, it can be personalized with a photo or serve as a vessel for ashes. Some lockets also feature handwritten engravings and display a name or meaningful dates. 

    3. Personalized Pieces

Speaking of jewelry featuring engravings and meaningful dates or names, a personalized piece of jewelry is a unique and personal way to remember your lost loved ones with jewelry

Our Codebreaker is one of our favorite sterling silver memorial bracelets; you can customize your charms to spell out your loved one’s name, initials or any other message of significance. You can keep the charms on for as long as you like and switch them out whenever you are ready. Remember that high-quality, sterling silver memorial jewelry can be passed down for generations, making these family heirlooms capable of preserving memories forever. 

    4. Symbolic Jewelry to Remember a Loved One

Was there a symbol or animal that your lost loved one was fond of or that reminds you of them? Memorialize it by creating custom earrings, bracelets, and necklaces featuring the things they loved. Other popular symbols include angel wings or fingerprints. Simple but stunning, these representative pieces act as memorial jewelry for a loss and will remind you of their life and power daily.

    5. Cufflinks

Cufflinks are another classic and practical choice of memorial jewelry for loss. You can wear them on special occasions or daily to honor your loved one. With so many colors and styles on the market, you’ll surely find the perfect pair to evoke their eternal spirit.

When choosing memorial jewelry, finding a piece that speaks to you and your relationship with the person you have lost is essential. Take your time selecting your jewelry – this will be something that you will treasure forever. Whether you decide on a bracelet, necklace, or other type of precious item, remembering lost loved ones with jewelry is a great way to wear their memory close to you every day.