Tag the Moment with Minimalist Silver Jewelry

Can you imagine wearing reground plastic jewelry? Sure! If the creator’s story behind it is passionate and fits your values. The PAUER story is about minimalist jewelry which makes an impact on a person’s life while having a positive impact on the environment. Can such jewelry hold such a powerful mission? Yes! This jewelry has true meaning and symbolism for everyone involved. 

Minimal Design and Powerful Meaning

A tiny piece of jewelry can capture the most powerful meaning, concept or memory you have. Because you wear it 24/7, it provides you with positive energy and memories whenever you need them. It is a part of you! 

The jewelry has a minimalist design, made of a nylon strap (minimum 40% reground plastic) and silver cap (925 sterling) The materials, which have a long life are turned into jewelry by one of the best manufacturers in Turin, Italy. It is made to last and the silver will not tarnish or oxidize.

Plastic is as precious as silver and gold

More and more world-renowned designers are making statements about sustainability, climate change and nature through their designs. Sustainable fashion is defined as clothing, shoes, and other accessories that are manufactured and used in the most sustainable manner possible. Many designers feel responsible for putting less strain on the planet’s resources through sustainable practices. 

Francesca Amfitheatrof’s approach to jewelry design has always been ingenious. By using plastic in her PAUER creations, she is changing how we view plastic and the value we place on plastic. Thus, she discredits the myth that plastic is for one-time use only. You can call it rebellious or ingenious but at PAUER, we believe plastic is as precious as silver or gold

Impact: Designer use reground plastic to create jewelry

Sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions are the driving forces of today’s world. One of the aims at PAUER is to contribute to solutions of sustainability and support the research into recycled plastic. That is why we make contribution to the Plastic Bank, an organization that focuses on positively impacting developing countries and polluted areas by turning waste into currency. We continue to support sustainability and environmentally friendly solutions not only by using reground plastic to create affordable designer jewelry but also by donating a portion of our sales to Plastic Bank. By joining the #TagtheMoment community you can also contribute to this movement and make your own statement. 

Wear your story

The moment you seal the bracelet you give meaning to your memory or the goal you have set for yourself.  At that moment it becomes a part of you, just like a tattoo that holds a special meaning. The high-quality sterling silver and reground plastic will ensure the longevity of the jewelry. You can swim with it in the ocean, take a shower, and even apply lotion to your body without concern about damaging the jewelry. These things will not impact its look or durability and your story will be always with you. 

As with your story, your memories and your goals, it will always be a part of you.  The bracelet work with all your outfits and is easy to combine with other jewelry.

Tag and be tagged

Tagging or securing this modern silver bracelet requires two people. It is quite a special moment when you and your partner are tagging each other while making a wish, setting a goal or capturing a memory. It is up to you the significance you give to the bracelets. PAUER minimalist jewelry can also be a great gift to that special person with whom you want to share a memory. #TagtheMoment and share it with others or keep it for yourself. 

Designer Francesca Amfitheatrof

You have definitely seen the PAUER creator’s Francesca Amfitheatrof jewelry designs for the high-end fashion brands. Her vision for the PAUER bracelet is very simple – affordable designer’s jewelry with meaning. Her inspiration for it comes from everyday life where gender, age, sexual orientation and race doesn’t matter. What matters is a person’s values, experiences and memories. She also believes that the jewelry doesn’t have to be too formal, made to be worn with only one specific outfit or put on a shelf during physical activities. It simply should feel and look good on everyone, in every situation. She has created the Pauer sustainable jewelry collection for everyone who wishes to wear their special moment. 

#TagtheMoment and a little magic will happen!