How To Pack Jewelry For Travel & What Jewelry To Pack

Packing for travel is stressful. And when it comes to traveling with jewelry, tangled necklaces, missing earrings, and scratched rings are somewhat inevitable plus the question everyone asks themselves "can you wear jewelry through airport security?". Thankfully, there are many options to get creative when packing jewelry for your next adventure. Below we listed the best ways to pack jewelry for safe travels, from using things you might have at home to make sure your jewelry never gets lost while you’re on the road –or the air.


How to pack jewelry when traveling

    1    Roll-up jewelry organizers are perfect when you’re planning to take many different pieces with you and still want to save up on space and weight in your luggage. Although the idea of taking a pretty jewelry mini-box sounds appealing, it’s not so functional as opposed to a roll-up organizer.

    2    Travel with jewelry using a weekly pill case or a mint box. It’s ideal for storing your Codebreaker or any loose charms you might want to bring along, as well as rings and earrings. 

    3    Take a straw, thread a necklace through and clasp the ends. This is one of the best ways to prevent even the thinnest chains from tangling. Alternatively, you can use plastic wrap by laying the necklace flat on the wrap and seal. 

    4    Use an empty toilet roll as a bracelet holder. Simply wrap your bracelets around the empty roll, keeping them all organized. 

What jewelry should you pack?

Learning how to pack jewelry for travel comes hand-in-hand with planning the outfits you will wear while you’re away. Sometimes it’s tough to choose and narrow down the options. In the end, jewelry is light and barely takes up any space, so taking extra pieces is a walk in the park. However, overpacking jewelry and not organizing it properly leads to damage and tangling. 

The easiest route to follow is to pack jewelry that you wear daily. Bring your essentials and must-haves that you know can fit multiple situations. Then, think about occasions and locations. Heading to the beach? Worth thinking about how water-resistant your jewelry is and how likely it is to get damaged from sweat and salt. 

Another quick tip is to bring single-metal jewelry. Although the rule of not mixing silver and gold is old news, it might make your outfit coordination process much easier, especially if you wear a watch

Can you bring jewelry on a plane? 

Many people wonder, can you wear jewelry through airport security? You absolutely can. Luggage often gets lost, and the last thing you want is for your expensive, precious jewelry to go missing, so it’s better to keep it close and safe. Whichever way you decide to store your jewelry, pack it securely in your hand luggage – Ever heard of a jewelry wallet? This is a great solution to store your valuables, and it fits in your hand luggage. That way, you won’t lose sight of your heirlooms for even a minute!

So rest assured, you can wear jewelry through airport security, or store it in a little travel box, there are absolutely no issues with that. Just remember that if you choose to wear it rather than storing it in a bag, you may have to take it off before going through a metal detector at the officer's discretion. So the more you wear, the more time you might have to spend at security.