How To Store Your Jewelry And Keep You Organized

If you want your jewelry collection not just to grow but also last, it’s important to think about the right jewelry storage solutions that will keep pieces tidy, neat, and tangle-free. Below, we’ve gathered tips and tricks for organizing your jewelry that will give extra life to your rings, necklaces, and bracelets and save you plenty of time and effort. Keep reading to find the best ways to store a jewelry collection and make your inner Marie Kondo proud. 

Do an Inventory

When deciding how to store jewelry, take a closer look at what pieces you have and their state. Get rid of single earrings, broken parts, or tarnished jewelry that is no longer usable. Then, separate by metals. The interaction of certain metals can lead to tarnishing. For example, the best way to store jewelry to prevent tarnish is to keep fine jewelry away from silver and costume jewelry and silver away from fine pieces. 

Clean It Up

Before putting all your gems into pretty trays and boxes, ensure they’re clean and dry. Different metals require different cleaning methods. Storing jewelry without cleaning it will often result in premature tarnishing. Metals such as sterling silver are especially prone to tarnish and require both regular cleaning and preventative methods to last.

Decide on a Jewelry Box

The fun part about organizing your jewelry is choosing the perfect box for all your goodies. Will it be a multi-level chic box, storage compartments, or stackable drawer? It all comes down to what your collection consists of. Here are the best jewelry storage solutions

        Jewelry boxes are versatile and multipurpose. They’re the best for categorizing rings, bracelets, earrings, and thicker necklaces that won’t tangle.

        Use stands to hang all your necklaces. First, it will eliminate any knotting of long chains with pendants. Secondly, it keeps your collection on display. Jewelry stands usually come with multiple bars set at different heights. 

        Storage compartments are a substitute if you’d rather skip a chunky jewelry box and want to save on space. 

Keep Your Everyday Pieces Separately

Your staple pieces, including your favorite custom bracelets, should be kept aside so you can easily access them. It’s easy to leave your everyday jewelry lying around random places, ultimately leading to losing them. One of the best ways to organize jewelry that you wear daily is by keeping it in a small tray or a trinket dish on your bedside table or bathroom shelf.

Avoid Humidity and High Temperatures

Water and hot air are not jewelry’s best friends. On the contrary, both contribute to tarnishing and discoloration. Pick a reasonably dry place with comfortable room temperature and no direct sunlight exposure.

Storing in a Small Space

Getting your jewelry organized can be a challenge if you don't have a lot of space to work with. But there are plenty of creative ways to store and display your jewelry, even in a small space. 

Here are some jewelry storage ideas for small spaces:

- Hang a jewelry organizer on the wall. This is a great way to maximize space and keep your jewelry within easy reach.

- Use an empty drawer in your dresser. You can put a jewelry tray inside, similar to the ones you see on display in jewelry stores.

- Place ring dishes around the house as a solution for storage and simple decoration.